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Turn In The Road (3-Point Turn)

Turn In The Road 3 Point Turn Mr Instructor K53 Driving School Driving Lessons Code 8 Driver's Licence Randburg Johannesburg South Africa

The examiner shall instruct the applicant:

(a) to position vehicle at starting point (smaller block),

(b) turn the vehicle around within the 12 meter roadway, without mounting any kerb and by using two forward and one reverse movements, to face in the opposite direction, without touching the demarcated line with any wheel, and

(c) complete the maneuver.  The vehicle shall exit the demarcated area on the left hand side of the road (dotted line).  It is not necessary to stop before exiting the area but rather listen out for any specific instructions.

Turn In The Road

– Position vehicle at starting point.

– Stop.

– Apply parking brake, select neutral and wait for instructions.

1. Check rear-view mirror(s) and blind spot to the right.

2. Signal right.

3. Select gear.

4. Obtain clutch control. (Manual transmission)

5. Observe.

6. Release parking brake.

7. Move off driving forwards and turn steering wheel as far as possible to the right.

8. Counter steer.

9. Stop.

10. Apply parking brake, if applicable.

11. Check rear-view mirror(s) and blind spot to the left.

12. Signal left.

13. Select reverse gear.

14. Obtain clutch control. (Manual transmission).

15. Observe.

16. Release parking brake, if applicable.

17. Move off in a rearward direction and turn steering wheel to the left.

18. Counter steer.

19. Stop.

20. Apply parking brake, if applicable.

21. Check rear-view mirror(s) and blind spot to the right.

22. Signal right.

23. Select gear.

24. Obtain clutch control. (Manual transmission)

25. Observe.

26. Release parking brake, if applicable.

27. Move off driving forward, and keep left.

28. Cancel signal.

Note A:

This maneuver shall be completed in three (3) movements, that is, two forward and one reverse.

Note B:

The boundary line shall not be touched with any wheel. Should the applicant touch the line, a circle shall be drawn around the black block “M.kerb/T.line” and the test shall be discontinued.