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Day Of Driver's Licence Test

The following is applicable to a code B (old code 8) Driving License test for light motor vehicles in Gauteng.

The applicant should arrive at the testing station (DLTC) at least fifteen (15) minutes to half an hour before the test starts and report at the relevant office.  Also make sure that applicant’s vehicle is parked at the allocated starting point for tests.

We offer a vehicle rental service to our students on the day of the test.  See the cost on our price list.  Click here.

What To Take Along

Take along the following items:

  • Original South African bar-coded ID book or ID card / passport OR in the case of foreign nationals, your passport and traffic register number certificate (TRN).

  • Original Learner’s License.

  • Two (2) recent black and white ID photos.

  • Proof of Payment (printed page with test date and time on, received from the testing station).

  • Driver’s License Issue Fee (payable to the testing station by debit/credit card).  Also take the amount in cash, in the event that their card machines are offline.
    Currently the fee is R228-00 in Gauteng.

    N.B. Be sure to make this payment at the cashier after you've passed your Driver's License test to be issued with a Temporary Driver's License.  The temporary Driver's License will be a printed page with your photo and particulars on.

  • If your eyes were not tested, or an Eye Screening Certificate weren't required, when you confirmed your test booking at the testing centre, this will be required on the day of the test.  So be sure to take along your Eye Screening Certificate.


Applicant will be issued with a temporary Driver’s License which is valid for 6 months from the date of issueThe Driver’s License card should be ready for collection at the testing center within 4 – 6 weeks.  Please take along proof of payment, ID book and temporary driving license when collecting the license card.

The driver's license card must be renewed every 5 years.  For renewal no test is required but the applicant will have to apply for license renewal (issuing of a new card) and will have to do another eye test, as well as provide the necessary documentation for such application e.g. ID book and copy, ID photos, proof of residence and pay the applicable application fee.