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Learner's License Test Appointment

Test bookings (appointments) in the Gauteng province are now made onlineClick here to go to the Natis website where you will have to fill out your personal details and choose a testing station, test date and time.  N.B. Once you have pre-booked your test date and time online, you (the applicant) must go to that particular testing station within 2 days to confirm the appointment in person.  Below you'll find all applicable information for confirming your appointment.

REMEMBER that once you have booked your test date online, you will not be able to make another test booking anywhere else until that booking has expired on the system.

Where to confirm the test booking

Click here
for license testing station (traffic department) addresses in Gauteng.

What to take along

Applicants must take along the following items:

  • Proof of test booking (appointment) from the Natis website.  Be sure to print out your booking or take a screenshot.

  • Original South African bar-coded ID book or ID card / passport OR in the case of foreign nationals, your passport and Traffic Register Number certificate (TRN).

  • A black and white photocopy of the above document(s).

  • Two (2) recent black and white ID photos.

  • Proof of residential address by submitting any utility, clothing, cell phone or telephone account not older than three (3) months.  In the case where the applicant is not the person in whose name the utility account is issued, the person in whose name the utility account is issued must make an affidavit at a police station, declaring that the applicant resides at such address, which must accompany the proof of residential address document.

    If a person resides at an informal settlement or in a rural area, a letter with an official date stamp from the ward councillor or local tribal authority confirming the postal and residential address of such person and or an affidavit confirming proof of residential address must be submitted.

  • R108-00 application (booking) fee, payable to the testing station by debit/credit card to reserve a test date.
    This is the current fee applicable in the Gauteng province.

    N.B. Remember that your test date is not booked (confirmed) unless you've paid the fee at the cashier and received a printed proof of payment with your test date and time on.

  • Black pen to fill out the blue learner’s license application form (LL1), obtainable at the testing station.  This might not be applicable if you booked online.

  • Spectacles (if applicable) for the eye test.  You can also obtain an Eye Screening Certificate from an optometrist and take that along to the testing station.


To confirm the Learner's License test date could take anything from half hour up to a couple of hours, depending on the queues at the testing station and how many staff members are available for processing the applications.

N.B.  Once the applicant has booked a test date on the Natis website, he/she cannot book another test anywhere else until that date has passed.