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Learner's and Driver's Licensing the trusted way!

Learner's Licence Study Material

You'll have to study really hard to pass the Learner's License test first time around, especially now that most of the testing stations have a computerized test with a test bank containing more than 1200 questions!  On your test each applicant will receive 64 randomly selected questions from the test bank.

Remember to also make use of our ONLINE LEARNER'S LICENCE PRACTICE TEST PAPERS to help you prepare for your test.  It's an easy and fun way of supplementing your studies and you'll be twice as likely to pass!  Tests are compiled from previous exam papers.  Click here.

 1.  YouTube Channel Videos

So many of our students have been asking for this, so we've finally started our YouTube Channel.  This is a work in progress and we will only upload new videos as we have some spare time to make them.  On our channel, we will be posting video lessons to assist you in preparing for your Learner's Licence and Driver's Licence tests.  Keep in mind that these are educational videos and some of them are quite lengthy!

Have a look below at some of the videos that we have posted.  For MORE VIDEOS, be sure to visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel!  CLICK HERE.

Road Traffic Signs - Episode 1:  OVERVIEW

Road Traffic signs - Episode 2:  CONTROL SIGNS

2.  Department of Transport Documents (Test Modules)

It's really important that you use these documents, in combination with your Learner's License book, as there are many new questions in the computerized tests that are derived from these documents and you won't find them in any of the books.

PLEASE NOTE that these documents have some typing errors and must be compared to your learner's license self-study book (obtainable at shops like CNA or online).  This is unfortunately the only version (draft) that the department issued.

Click on the links below to download.


3.  Learner's Licence Self-Study Books

Various self-study K53 books can be purchased from leading stationery shops like CNA or online from,, etc.
 These books are good for preparing for the Learner's License test but MUST be used in combination with the Department of Transport's documents, as there are many questions in the test that comes from the Department's documents, that does not form part of the contents in the commercial books.