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Driving Lessons

Mr Instructor Driving School offers professional K53 driving lessons in Randburg and selected suburbs of Sandton and Roodepoort (Johannesburg) for code B (old Code 8) light motor vehicles.  Driving lessons are done 7 days a week by our qualified and experienced driving instructors.  Instructor hours are from 10am to 5pm.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to learning to drive.  It is, in short, a new skill that you'll have to learn.  Driving to survive today's challenging roadways and traffic, requires a certain level of skill.  Of course, you don't become an instant great driver the day you get your Driver's Licence, but you want to be prepared as best you can and at least know all of the basics before taking on traffic independently.  You ONLY become a better and safer driver by spending actual time driving.  While you have your Learner's Licence, you should try to get as much practice with your driving instructor, friends, family, etc. as possible.

Remember:  no-one was born with a Driver's Licence in hand!

With Mr Instructor Driving School you can rest assured that you are in very experienced and capable hands.  Our driving instructors have all been in the industry for more than 20 years.  All training vehicles are fitted with dual controls on the passenger side to give the instructor full control over the vehicle in tricky situations.

Students who want to use their own vehicle for training must meet their instructor at the training yard in Randburg for all of their lessons.

We have different options to choose from for your driving lessons.  Click here to view our PRICE LIST to make an informed decision.  With the instructor's permission, private vehicles may be used for training.  The same rates will apply.

The number of driving lessons required to properly prepare for the K53 Driver's License test will be different for every student and cannot be predetermined.  The average 18 year old driver requires
approximately 20 to 40 hours of training.  This number could be less or it could be more, depending on the individual's ability to learn a new skill, progress during training, level of focus during lessons, practicing between lessons, prior driving experience, age, confidence level, etc.

Refer to the figures below, as set out by the
DSA (Driving Standards Agency).  All figures assume the student has no prior driving experience and that there is a continuity in driving lessons.  These figures should, however, only be used as a guide.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.