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How to unlock a steering wheel

This is a predicament that a number of our students have found themselves in.  You were driving, got out of the car, went to the shop, and when you came back and wanted to drive off again.... the steering wheel is locked and doesn't want to move.  The key is in the ignition... but doesn't want to turn to start the car..... what's wrong?!

This simply means that the steering wheel is locked.  It happens when, as you're getting out of the car, you turn the steering wheel by accident when the key is already out of the ignition. 

Why does this happen?

Way back then, before there were car alarms, cars were made like this on purpose.  This was a means to deter criminals from steeling your vehicle.  So, once you've parked your car, you would take out the key and turn the steering wheel until it locked.

Unlocking the steering wheel

This is very simple...  You simply put the key in the ignition.  While gently turning the key, start moving your steering wheel from side to side at the same time.  It's really important NOT to put PRESSURE on the key, as you might brake it off in the ignition!  Just go about it in a gentle manner and the steering wheel will unlock.

Video as demonstration