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Driving lessons in Johannesburg - READ THIS BEFORE choosing a driving school

Not all driving schools can offer the same level of expertise, skills and resources.  Protect yourself or your child by making an informed decision about driver education in Johannesburg.

Whether it is you or your child in need of driver education, don't risk your life by opting for the wrong driving school.  Finding the best driver education is vital.  We are all aware of the corruption at licence testing stations.  Each year 1000's of people buy fake driving licences or pay bribes to pass their licence test illegally.  Those people are all driving on the same roads as you and your kids.... and they include driving instructors.

We always tell our students that someone has to be a good driver in the midst of all the chaos.... let that be you.

Did you know..... the driving school industry is very poorly regulated.  Each driving instructor is supposed to be tested every 3 to 4 years for their driving instructor's certificate, and certificate has to be renewed annually, for which a medical certificate, eye test, fingerprints, etc is required.  Most instructors that I know of does not even have a certificate. 

Now, lets talk about experience..... Let me tell you that you cannot claim be a good driving instructor by jumping in a car, learning K53 and then teaching it to the next person.  No, it takes months before you find your feet as a driving instructor and start to react instinctively when something goes wrong during a driving lesson.

Many of the cheaper driving schools employ "instructors" that have never done a lesson in their life before.  Because they get paid so poorly (about R40 per hour - the owner takes the rest), they don't last very long... it is a very strenuous job after all... and guess what... in comes the next "instructor".  They basically employ anyone that's unemployed and has a driver's licence.  Well, we've even heard of driving instructors that were caught, who did not even have a driving licence themselves??  Really serious stuff.

You can browse around google and have a look at driving school accidents.  These happen because the instructor is not experienced.  You need to be able to react without thinking.  Many of our students ask us if we're psychic, but this is not the case.  It's simply because we've been instructors for such a long time that you can almost predict what other driver's are going to do and how your new student will respond in situations.

Johannesburg presents unique challenges for drivers.  You have to be able to cope with lots of other vehicles (who cannot drive properly), lots of lanes and be able to make quick decisions.  It's not easy to learn to drive in Johannesburg!

The foundation of good driver's start with the person that initially teaches them how to drive.  Being a driving instructor is not just about teaching your student the K53 test curriculum.... it's about creating confident and competent new drivers.

Please don't opt for the cheapest driving school that you can find.  Rather choose a well-known driving instructor with a good reputation and years of experience and pay a bit more.  People don't realize that they actually end up paying more by going to a cheap driving school.  Because they don't teach you everything, you fail more times and have to do more lessons with them.... and let's not talk about the very expensive bribe that you have to pay on top of your training fees, just to "pass the test".  They obviously don't tell you that you can still fail the test, even though you've paid a bribe.

More important to us than all of the above information... is your safety!  In case you did not know this, and we don't like saying it, people have died while doing driver training.  This is horrible but we want you to know the truth.  Please don't risk your life, just to save a few rand.