Mr Instructor K53 Driving School, Randburg

Learner's and Driver's Licensing the trusted way!


1. Position hands on steering wheel in a ten-to-two or quarter-to-three position with palms of hands and thumbs on circumference of steering wheel.

2. Keep both hands on steering wheel except for the purpose of gear changing, signalling or operating controls or devices.

3. Steer in a controlled manner to avoid cutting or negotiating corners or bends too wide.

4. Steer to turn to the left or right by using the push-and-pull method.

5. Steer smoothly.

6. If possible, do not wander or straddle lane markings.

7. Adjust position with due regard to moving or stationary hazards.

8. Keep at least one hand on the steering wheel at all times.

9. Do not turn steering wheel whilst vehicle is stationary.

10. Counter steer when necessary.

Note A:

The push-and-pull method of steering is not required during the yard test. 

Note B:

If, during the road test, the applicant continuously makes a steering method fault such as, for example resting his/her hand on the gear-lever knob, the applicant shall be penalized every 5 - 8 seconds for:


(1) Method  ................................................