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Taxis to get speed limiters - The National Road Traffic Act (NRTA) may see some interesting amendments if the most recent Government Gazette is to be believed, including speed limiters for public transport.

It's reported that government seems serious about enhancing road safety and compliance on South Africa's roads.

According to the published regulations, all new taxis, buses and trucks would be fitted with speed governors from December 1, 2016. The governor will keep speeds at a maximum of 80km/h.

The amended regulations also include a new system that will keep track of offences, and a list will be promulgated featuring offences for which licences will be suspended for 24 months. Attaining a driver's licence will be more difficult.

Another amendment requires that infants up to three years of age have to be transported in proper child seats in private vehicles, provision for which has never been made before. This change is possibly related to studies that found that 53.42% of young children who died in road crashes were discovered outside or under vehicles.

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