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Pass your Driving Licence test first time with Mr Instructor Driving School

Mr Instructor K53 Driving School in Randburg, Johannesburg, has 20 years of experience in training novice drivers to become fully licensed drivers. Besides our highly experienced and very patient driving instructors, by now, we know all the tricks to help you pass your test the first time around!

On driving lessons our instructors will show you how to cope with stressful situations in traffic and help you become a confident and competent driver in no time at all. We will also ensure that you are fully trained in the K53 test curriculum. Believe us when we tell you that you'll be 100% ready come the day of your licence test.

We know how nervous most new drivers are, so we start out by showing you exactly how everything works mechanically on the car. We start lessons in very quiet streets around Randburg, Sandton, Fourways or Roodepoort... close to your home, so that you feel comfortable with the surroundings. Once your skills in moving off, stopping, changing gears, etc. improve, we'll gradually move into a bit more traffic at a time.

Sooner than you'll think, you'll be driving us to the parking yard in Randburg where you'll start the next level of training... the yard manoeuvres. This will include alley docking, parallel parking, the 3-point turn, the incline start, as well as the pre-trip inspection. You will also be taught the K53 observations that are applicable in the yard.

The instructor will at some point teach you the road observations too. This is a bit dangerous to apply initially when you start driving and is easier to learn, once you've already applied it in the parking yard (they're very similar). The instructor will most likely teach you the road observations whilst doing some of the test routes that you'll be driving on the day of your test.

Now you're almost ready and just need to rehearse everything you've learned until you're completely confident about doing your test!

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Pass your learners and drivers licence test first time with Mr Instructor K53 Driving School.  We operate around the Randburg, Sandton, Fourways and Roodepoort areas of Johannesburg.

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011 672 3360
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