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Learner's Licence Classes

It is not easy to pass the Learner's Licence (theory) test these days!  At Mr Instructor Driving School we take out all the stunts to help our students pass first time.  Besides the online practice test papers we offer, we offer one-on-one Learner's Licence classes to assist students that struggle with understanding of the road signs, rules of the road and vehicle controls.

Our classes are only available to students who have already worked through the online practice tests.

Learner's Licence classes are 2-hour long sessions.  Often, only one such session is sufficient to assist students with the areas they struggle with, if they have already studied everything, but mostly students need more classes.  The number of classes can be reduced by doing intense self-studying between classes.

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Your very experienced instructor will work through the entire test curriculum (road traffic signs, rules of the road and vehicle controls) with you and focus on things that don't make sense to you.  We will also work through the tests with you, explaining why question answers are what they are.  Many folks really study hard and know all the facts but get totally confused by the way the questions are phrased in the test.  This is where we come in...

Let us help you obtain your Learner's Licence on the first attempt.  We cannot wait for you to get started with your driving lessons and be on your way to independence!

Be sure to browse around our website, specifically the Study Online and Learner's License sections, to have a look at the test modules and practice test papers.

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